Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe explains discomfort at business side of band life

"It's our art and we love it, but it is a business, and for me, accepting that is strange"

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has given his opinion on what he thinks is the “most complicated” part of being a professional musician.

Blythe discussed the topic on an episode on the Sombre La Dosis YouTube channel series ‘My 3 Questions To’ and he explains that what is most difficult is not anything within a band itself, but the business side of its operations.

“It’s trying to make sense of how this has become a career, really, because we just did it for the love of it,” he said. “That’s why we started the band, I never thought it would be a job. I was never like, ‘Oh we’re gonna become rock stars,’ or whatever.


“I think the really complicated part of it, for me, has been navigating the fact that something that I would be doing anyway — which is making music — is navigating how that has become a business.”

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The vocalist admitted he’s not always comfortable with the business aspect of being in a band, which is why their management team handles it for them.

“We employ a lot of people. People were able to buy their families Christmas gifts this year because we employ ’em. It’s our art and we love it, but it is a business, and for me, accepting that is strange,” he elaborated. “I don’t come from the business world, I never had any money. I’m not a rich kid or anything weird like that.”

Lamb Of God released their newest album ‘Omens’ in October.

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