Laura Marling says her seventh album is “finished” and she wants to “arm the next generation”

"I turned 30 two weeks ago, so I’m feeling in a different position in my life"

Laura Marling has discussed her upcoming seventh album in a new interview, in which she also confirmed that it is completely finished.

Last month, it was announced that Marling had signed a new record deal – a new venture between the re-launched Chrysalis Records and indie label Partisan – to release a new album in 2020.

Marling, who also has live shows planned for May, has now discussed the follow-up to her 2017 album ‘Semper Femina’ in a new interview with Australia’s Double J.


Presented with the assumption that her new album will be coming out this year, Marling responded: “I’m assuming too!”

“It’s finished as far as I’m concerned,” she continued, before diving into the feelings behind the upcoming LP. “I was thinking a lot about how I would arm the next generation in a way that I haven’t been armed. That’s the heavier side of it.

“But I was also thinking about trying to not write the same song that I’ve written over and over again for the last ten years. That’s a good one to avoid.”

Laura Marling
Laura Marling (Picture: Press)

She continued: “I’ve kept an inward gaze, but I’ve gone horizontally downwards to another generation. I turned 30 two weeks ago, so I’m feeling in a different position in my life, and whether there is a responsibility to be a certain way or to consider things about the next generation, which there certainly is.”

Last year, Marling linked up with Tunng‘s Mike Lindsay on their ‘LUMP’ side project, which saw the pair release a seven-track self-titled album.


Speaking about the project previously, Marling told NME: “It was the first time actually that I’ve left… not left music to somebody else, because it was already there… but it was a real wordless process in a way. We didn’t discuss what we were doing very much. That’s when it feels magic.

“I think we respected each other’s positions, in what our roles both were, so it was just easy. And it was really quick as well – my part only took about six days.”

See Marling’s upcoming UK tour dates below.

22 – Stoller Hall, Manchester
23 – St Paul’s Church, Birmingham
27 – Islington Assembly Hall, London
28 – Tabernacle, London
29 – Leicester Square Theatre, London