LCD Soundsystem debut ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart’ live with a string section

‘The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special’ premiered on Amazon Music overnight

Six years after it was originally released, LCD Soundsystem have treated fans to a live rendition of their festive comeback single, ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart’.

The slow-burning ballad closed out the concert portion of The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special, which premiered on Amazon Music overnight (December 23). They played the track with a string section, adding a wealth of character to its soaring, pseudo-theatrical climax.

Take a look at the performance below.


LCD Soundsystem performed a nine-track set for their Christmas special, with the bulk of the setlist pulled from their 2017 album ‘American Dream’. They played five songs from the record, including single ‘Tonite’, as well as two cuts from their eponymous 2005 debut, and ‘I Can Change’ from 2010’s ‘This Is Happening’.

The band’s 2007 album, ‘Sound Of Silver’, was shunned entirely during their performance. They did, however, intersperse the set with skits from All My Friends, a ’90s-style sitcom based on the band that was directed by Eric Wareheim (who also stars as a fictional version of frontman James Murphy).

“I’ve already conquered film [and] James has conquered music,” Wareheim said in a statement shared with the trailer for All My Friends, “but we have yet to conquer the sitcom – the HIGHEST form of art.

“We’ve been working on this project for 15 years, and for this show we’re unveiling a uniquely emotional perspective of the sitcom universe for the holidays – provided by one of the greatest bands of all time and my dear friends, LCD Soundsystem. I can’t believe Amazon Music is letting us do this.”

“I am similarly stunned that someone let us do this,” Murphy added. “At least we finally get to use our Korey puppet.”


Having aired live earlier today (December 23), The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. To commemorate its release, the band shared two clips from behind the scenes. Check those out below.

In October, LCD Soundsystem announced their live return with a month-long residency at New York’s Brooklyn Steel. Their first gig since 2018 took place November 23 and saw the band cover Joy Division’s ‘No Love Lost’ alongside tracks from across their back catalogue. At other gigs, the band have played rarities like 2004’s ‘Beat Connection’ and given tracks like 2017’s ‘Other Voices’ their live debut.

Though the band were initially staunch on seeing the run through to its end, despite a surge in COVID-19 cases thanks to the bourgeoning Omicron variant, the band were forced to cancel three shows out.

“You have all spoken,” they wrote in a statement on Instagram. “The last three shows are cancelled. You good people who want to return your tickets and try again another time have spoken, but so has the new info, the hospital capacity, and those of us in the band, crew and venue. We certainly had enough cancellations to make the vote count, but we also, now with all the new info, want to stop for our own sakes.”

Nonetheless, LCD Soundsystem have already confirmed shows for 2022, with the group playing Bilboa BBK Live alongside The Killers and Pet Shop Boys.