LE SSERAFIM unveil audacious music video for debut single ‘Fearless’

Their first-ever mini-album 'Fearless' is out now

Brand-new girl group LE SSERAFIM have unveiled the music video for their debut single ‘Fearless’.

The fierce clip opens with the girl group practicing the song’s choreography in a sleek gymnasium, before it cuts to individual scenes of the other members. Those include Sakura revving her motorbike, Kazuha sitting atop the trunk of a car suspended in mid-air and Yunjin wearing in boxing gloves.

“What you lookin’ at? What you, what you lookin’ at? / Mm-mm-mm-mm, I’m fearless, huh / You should get away, get a, get a, get away / So you don’t get hurt, get hurt,” the girl group sing on the track’s groovy’s chorus.


‘Fearless’ is the title track of LE SSERAFIM’s debut mini-album of the same name, which also includes four other B-side tracks ‘The World Is My Oyster’, ‘Blue Flame’, ‘The Great Mermaid’ and ‘Sour Grapes’.

LE SSERAFIM is made up of six members, and includes two ex-IZ*ONE members, Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae-won, as well as former Produce 48 contestant Huh Yun-jin. The rest of the group comprises newcomers Kim Ga-ram, Hong Eun-chae and Kazuha.

The label has also recently publicly denied allegations that Kim Ga-ram was a school bully. Less than a day after the label introduced Kim as a member of the group, a number of netizens claimed that the 16-year-old singer had been involved in bullying incidents during her school days.

HYBE, which owns Source Music, the agency in charge of LE SSERAFIM, has since denied all allegations and taken legal action in a statement posted on April 6. The label claimed that the allegations have been “cunningly edited” in order to “maliciously slander” Kim.

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