Leah Flanagan shares new single ‘Linen Girls’

Her sophomore album 'Colour By Numbers' is out later this year

Sydney singer-songwriter Leah Flanagan has shared her latest single, ‘Linen Girls’.

Listen to it below:


‘Linen Girls’ is lifted from Flanagan’s forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Colour By Numbers’, which was recorded and produced by Sarah Belkner. The record is scheduled for release on October 16.

Per a press release, ‘Linen Girls’ is a “stout and unapologetic examination” of Flanagan’s journey as a bi-racial Australian.

“It has taken endless amounts of energy to carve out a spot for myself amidst constant scrutinisation of my heritage,” Flanagan said in a statement.

“When I’m exposed to ongoing casual racism, when people’s perception of my fair skin juxtaposes so powerfully with their perception of the skin of my peers, I wonder: are we too far away to ever get too close?

“I’ve often found myself in professional settings where people aren’t aware of my heritage and feel within their right to say casually offensive things about Aboriginal people or perspectives. Living this life, as me, there is a constant external expectation to renegotiate of all elements of my identity, and I’m over it.”


‘Linen Girls’ is the fourth single from Flanagan’s upcoming album, following ‘Aralia’, ‘Broken’ and ‘Love Like Water’. Flanagan’s debut album, ‘Saudades’, was released in 2016.