Leonie Kingdom tells it like it is in her new single ‘2020’

Her first release of the year

Hervey Bay singer-songwriter Leonie Kingdom navigates her way through a tumultuous year in her new single, ‘2020’, out today (October 16).

It’s the singer-songwriter’s first release of the year and sees Kingdom thinking outside the box when it comes to lockdown coping mechanisms, sharing her story of how she’s navigated her way through this uncertain year.

Produced and mixed by Jarryd Shuker and Hein Cooper, the song features smooth indie melodies, an off-beat dankness and satirical wit, Kingdom has presented ‘2020’ like a diary entry for a non-eventful week.


The song dropped with an accompanying music video, an animation created with artist apricotbanana that sees a cartoon Kingdom play out the narrative of her lyrics. Watch it below:

In a press statement, Kingdom explained how ‘2020’ looks at the day-to-day occurrences that can leave us deflated and uninspired.

“It magnifies all the ‘non-event’ things that went wrong this year whilst subtly ignoring the elephant in the room that is the global pandemic,” she said.

“This is not your ordinary ‘sad’ song, the upbeat production married with pitiful lyrics give the overall song a light-hearted feel.”


Kingdom made her debut in 2018 with her single ‘Night Terrors’, developing as an artist with her follow-up songs ‘So Much More’ and ‘Rhubarb’.