Lewis Capaldi drunkenly compares Grammy nomination to chicken parm

"I feel like a big bloated boy watching 'Game of Thrones'. But bloated with love. Not chicken parm."

Lewis Capaldi has likened his first ever Grammy nomination to “eating a whole chicken parm” and feeling like a “big bloated boy watching Game of Thrones“.

The ‘Someone You Loved’ singer was on the red carpet in LA this weekend when a reporter approached him to ask how it felt to receive the nomination.

“You know what? If I could describe it, it’s like… imagine, right, eating a whole chicken parm,” Capaldi responded. “Imagine eating a whole chicken parmesan. Lying down. What’s on TV? Game of Thrones. Before it was finished.


“You’re lying there. Your belly’s bloated. The TV’s on. And you’re thinking, ‘You know what? This is the life.’

“You’re not thinking about going to the bathroom later – which will not be pretty after the chicken parm – but you’re lying there and thinking, ‘You know what, this is it.’ And that’s how I feel. I feel like a big bloated boy watching Game of Thrones.

“But bloated with love. Not chicken parm. You know what I’m saying?” Capaldi added.

Former One Direction singer Niall Horan, who is currently promoting his new solo album, responded to the post: “I’m touring with that fella. Help.”

Earlier this month (January 14), Capaldi spoke about his ex-girlfriend appearing in the current series of Love Island, saying that he wasn’t told in advance that she would be a contestant.


The Scottish singer-songwriter said “it would have been nice to have a heads up” ahead of the new series and joked that his ex, Paige Turley, should split any winnings with him.

In a radio interview with The Edge NZ, the 23-year-old star said: “The prize is like £50,000 and I’ll be like, ‘Well, listen. They asked you to go on it right I’m not saying I’m the reason but also… slide me two grand.’”