“That was a load of wank”: Liam Gallagher responds after Melbourne show was cut off to avoid curfew fine

The speakers went off as he was performing 'Supersonic'

Liam Gallagher’s concert in Melbourne last night (December 11) was cut off mid-song to avoid a $250,000 fine for breaking curfew – and the Oasis rocker has addressed the show’s abrupt ending on social media.

Gallagher’s concert at the Margaret Court Arena on his Why Me? Why Not tour ended at 11pm sharp, as ABC reports, when the speakers went off while Gallagher and his band performed the Oasis song ‘Supersonic’.

“Well that was a load of wank getting cut off last song,” Gallagher tweeted afterwards. “We weren’t that bad I’ve heard worse any ways thems the rules you still smashed it Melbourne biblical stay young stay safe.”


He also addressed the $250,000 fine for breaking curfew: “I mean those tunes are biblical and I’m the fucking biblical brother but c’mon that’s a fucking piss take who ever made that rule needs to stop smoking SPICE”.

“Other than that I’m seriously loving Australia,” Gallagher concluded. “When I’m rich n famous I might get myself a little gaff out here c’mon you know.” See his tweets in full below.

According to the venue’s manager and the tour promoter, it was Gallagher’s management team who decided to cut off the show at 11pm, ABC reports.


In a statement, promoter Secret Sounds said, “Curfew is curfew, so the last song of his set was cut short by his team who wanted to respect those rules and the surrounding residents.”

Gallagher continues his Australian tour Saturday (December 14) in Woodside, before wrapping up with two dates in Fremantle. He will continue to tour Europe next February in support of his second solo album, ‘Why Me? Why Not’, and will play a sold-out homecoming show at Manchester’s Heaton Park.

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