Lil Pump endorses Trump for upcoming election on social media

The rapper showed his support for Trump over Joe Biden's proposed tax hikes

Lil Pump has endorsed Donald Trump for the 2020 US election in a number of posts on his social media.

The rapper shared a photo on Instagram yesterday (October 26), featuring his face photoshopped onto former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shaking hands with Trump.

“THE DAY I MET TRUMP,” Lil Pump wrote in the caption, followed by the hashtag #trump202022020.

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THE DAY I MET TRUMP 🏝 #trump202022020

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The rapper then followed up with a since-deleted Instagram story that made his stance clear.

“Fuck I look like paying an extra 33 in tax for Biden, bitch ass n****? Fuck Sleepy Joe, n****! Trump 2020, bitch,” he yelled in the video.

Lil Pump’s support for Trump due to Biden’s proposed tax increases echoed that of 50 Cent, who backed Trump on several occasions in the last week. Talk show host and comedian Chelsea Handler, who briefly dated 50 Cent in 2010, even offered to pay his taxes if he voted for Biden in the upcoming election.

“Hey fucker! I will pay your taxes in exchange for you coming to your senses. Happily! Black lives matter. That’s you, fucker! Remember?” Handler tweeted.


Despite both rappers’ concerns about Biden’s proposed tax hikes, CNBC noted earlier this week that “few if any taxpayers pay the full statutory rates, which don’t include deductions, credits, offsets, loopholes and lower tax rates on other sources of income”.

The “other sources of income” are said to be particularly important, given that most millionaires and billionaires get large chunks of their money from capital gains.

When further number-crunching comes into play, it is confirmed that only income over $400,000 would be taxed at the higher rate of 39.8 per cent, with the first $399,999 taxed at lower marginal rates.