Lil Wayne “on board private jet” searched by federal agents for drugs and guns

The search occurred in Miami on Monday

Lil Wayne was reportedly on-board board a private jet that was found to be carrying cocaine and a gun after a search by federal agents.

The ‘Tha Carter’ rapper landed in the plane in Miami on Monday afternoon, where it was subsequently searched by authorities who had received a tip-off, sources told the Miami Herald.

It was later claimed that cocaine and a firearm were discovered on the plane during the search, which occurred while the rapper was being held on the aircraft.


The jet, a Gulfstream G-V, arrived at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport from California when agents boarded with a search warrant.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne’s lawyers arrived on the scene after he contacted them from the plane.

His defense attorney Howard Srebnick later said the rapper was “cleared” to leave the scene by investigators on Monday night.

Wayne then updated fans on Twitter, telling them: “All goody!”

Making light of the incident, he also made reference to a previous tweet showing his support for NFL team Green Bay Packers that read: “GO PACK GO!!!”


In his latest tweet on Monday night, Lil Wayne joked: “I think they thought I was talking abt a different ‘Pack’ in my last tweet. But anyway GO PACK GO!!!”

It comes after the rapper launched his own personal brand of weed, promising that the strain he has developed contains the “highest natural levels of THC available.”

GKUA Ultra Premium is now available in select Los Angeles stores as a flower and concentrate, as well as vape batteries and cartridges.