Lily Papas releases new single ‘Jackson’

Her second single taken from her forthcoming album 'Encore'

Lily Papas has returned with the release of her second single today (June 12), titled ‘Jackson’. Listen to it below.

‘Jackson’ follows the release of her debut single ‘Wild’ last year. Both tracks will feature on Papas’ forthcoming debut studio album ‘Encore’, which is due out later this year.


The song was created in a writing session when Papas travelled to Los Angeles. It was written alongside Phil Simmonds and David Frank.

“‘Jackson’ came from a feeling of wanting to move on from a hurtful place I had trapped myself in for a long time,” Papas said in a press statement.

“It’s about a relationship that began with lies and distrust and how the deceit consumed me. We fell in love and have this beautiful relationship, but the pain of the dishonesty is still haunting me. ‘Jackson’ is about my own inner battle but also about the feelings of the relationship.”

Despite the live music scene being effectively put on hold as the country waits out the coronavirus pandemic, Papas made sure to get some key performances in before restrictions were placed on mass gatherings – namely a performance at the Australian Open in January.

‘Jackson’ is out now via Neon Records/Universal Music Australia.

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