Lime Cordiale celebrate bourgeoisie destruction on bubbly new single ‘Country Club’

“I just love how ridiculous this song is,” says Oli Leimbach

Currently in the midst of a sprawling world tour, Lime Cordiale have returned with a summery new single titled ‘Country Club’.

As is typical for the Sydney-native fivesome, the track bounds along with prickly drums and lively electric guitars, twining an upbeat and groovy soundscape with lyrics that dig far deeper than assumed. In a press release, co-frontman Oli Leimbach said of the contrast: “I just love how ridiculous this song is. It’s full of contradictions. I guess that’s the point.”

According to the vocalist, guitarist and clarinetist – who has a chance here to shine with his lattermost talent, delivering a searing clarinet solo in the song’s backend – ‘Country Club’ sees the band “imagine the downfall of a highly privileged character with no sense of the cushy world that surrounds them”.


He continued: “A lot of us have got it good, yet some people are just so disconnected from the rest of society that if they aren’t careful, it will come back around and bite them in the butt.”

Have a look at the accompanying music video for ‘Country Club’, directed by longtime collaborator Jack Sheppard, below:

The video for ‘Country Club’ was shot in a range of idyllic locations across the UK, including the historic Prestwold Hall country club in Leicestershire. Leimbach pointed out the irony in Lime Cordiale shooting there, given that the song takes aim at the crowd that country clubs typically accomodate, noting: “The song is about the absurdity that comes with status and class so we thought, ‘Where better to shoot it than a posh old manor?’”

Leimbach went on to note that having Sheppard on deck for the clip was essential as he “pushed [the band] into character”, continuing: “It felt great having one of our best mates shoot this as it needed to be a shared, collaborative vision.

“Louis [Leimbach, co-frontman] and I wrote this song in the country with our producer David K Haddad and went a little bonkers with it, so we needed Jack to take it to another level.  Our band look ‘well proper’ in some of these locations. It really kicked off our first few weeks in Europe.”


‘Country Club’ comes as Lime Cordiale’s second standalone single for 2022, following on from April’s ‘Facts Of Life’. That in itself came as the follow-up to January’s ‘Cordi Elba’ EP, a six-track effort with actor Idris Elba that was flanked by singles ‘Apple Crumble’, ‘What’s Not To Like’ and ‘Unnecessary Things’. The first of those singles was also covered by The Wiggles for their ‘ReWiggled’ album.

Lime Cordiale have been playing those songs on their expansive world tour, for which they’re currently underway with the North American leg. They’ll embark on the UK and European leg at the end of August, with 26 dates taking them all the way into November. After that, the band will return to Australia to headline this year’s Wine Machine concert series.