Lime Cordiale reveal they almost scrapped breakout hit ‘Robbery’

"We tried to throw it in the bin for a second there"

Lime Cordiale have revealed that their breakout hit, ‘Robbery’, was almost left on the cutting room floor during the sessions for their latest album, ‘14 Steps To A Better You’.

In an interview during the ARIA Awards pre-show, band members Oli and Louis Leimbach explained that they were hesitant to include the song on the record.

“There’s some songs that take us ages to polish up and that was one of them,” guitarist-vocalist Oli Leimbach said.


“We just doubt ourselves and I think sometimes when we think a song’s a little bit more catchy than others, we just decide we don’t want to release it for some weird reason.”

“We tried to throw it in the bin for a second there,” bassist-vocalist Louis Leimbach added.

“Our managers just sort of talked us into it. ‘Keep it, we might make some money off this scraping the 10% [commission]’,” Oli said with a laugh.

The band were eventually persuaded, and the song ended up as a single from their latest record, ’14 Steps To A Better You’.

‘Robbery’ is nominated for Song Of The Year and Best Video at the ARIA Awards tonight (November 25).


Lime Cordiale are up for the most awards of any artist, with eight nominations to their name. The duo are in the running for Album Of The Year, Breakthrough Artist and Best Group, among other accolades.