Limp Bizkit fans react as Fred Durst shows off dramatic new look

“Fred Durst looks like he’s about to ask if you’ve ever heard of Neutral Milk Hotel"

Fans of Limp Bizkit have voiced their surprise after frontman Fred Durst showed off a drastic image change.

Durst, who has rocked a distinctive goatee and backwards baseball for the majority of his nu-metal band’s career, has now shown off his long lighter-coloured hair and a new handlebar moustache.

The Limp Bizkit frontman shared the photo on his Instagram page, having deleted every other photo on his account.


“Thinking about you 70,” he captioned the snap, alongside an emoji of a flying saucer.

Durst’s Instagram profile bio has also been updated and now reads: “You’re confused? Classic.”

Commenting on the snap, fans suggested that Durst’s new look made him resemble Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

Fred Durst looks like he’s dressing as James Hetfield in the late 90’s for Halloween,” wrote one fan.


Another commented: “Well let me tell ya something brother. That’s a nice, HULKAMANIAC worthy moostache.”

Others, meanwhile, speculated that Durst’s new hair may just be a wig.

“We expected to sleep well tonight but then we saw a picture of Fred Durst with hair. Nothing will ever feel the same,” said one user.

“Fred Durst looks like he’s about to ask if you’ve ever heard of Neutral Milk Hotel,” another joked.

Meanwhile, last month saw Limp Bizkit bassist Wes Borland deliver a positive update on their long awaited sixth album ‘Stampede Of The Disco Elephants’.

The band announced the title of the album way back in 2012, and in 2014 shared the single ‘Endless Slaughter’, supposedly taken from the record.

The full LP, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Gold Cobra’ is yet to appear, but Borland says that progress is being made.

“We’ve probably, in the last 10 years, been in the studio to try and complete the record, I wanna say, seven times, to different studios,” he said on Drinks With Johnny, the podcast of Avenged Sevenfold‘s Johnny Christ.

Adding that many of the delays have been due to frontman Fred Durst’s dissatisfaction with his vocals, he continued: “We probably have 35 songs recorded instrumentally, and he’s done vocals on them and then thrown the vocals away.”

Borland added: “So I think he’s finally at the point now where he’s gonna pick a set of these songs that he’s finally cool with and finish ’em and we’re gonna finish the record. So, fingers crossed.”

Asked when fans might expect to hear the music, Borland said: “I’m not in charge of Fred’s vocals. I’m way done with my parts on the record. I’m sure I’ll go back in and play a little bit more after. But it’s fucking Fred Durst. He went from being a darling to everybody’s most hated person in the world.

“We broke up as a band. He’s tried to find his footing, I think, on a bunch of these songs. He’s so talented, and I love him so much as a brother, but if he’s not ready to do it, he’s not ready to do it.”

Earlier this month, Limp Bizkit also announced a run of UK shows for 2022.

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