Watch Linkin Park’s ‘Leave Out All The Rest’ get mashed up by Macca Wiles

The moving mashup hears Wiles' new single 'Outlined' blended with the Linkin Park classic

Linkin Park‘s ‘Leave Out All The Rest’ has been given the mashup treatment by rising UK artist Macca Wiles.

Blending his newly released trap rock single ‘Outlined’ with the Linkin Park classic, Wiles pays homage to the band’s frontman Chester Bennington with a poignant, stripped back mashup that hears his emotions flow through his raw and reflective vocals.

“The band’s songs and Chester’s lyrics helped me through so much even up till the present day,” the 22-year-old stated, referring to his own issues with addiction and mental health. “If I’m depressed, I’ll listen to Linkin Park and it will make me happier. It’s crazy how one human can save millions but millions can’t save one human.”


“Music is therapy, personally I’m quite a closed book when it comes to personal issues and problems, so the only way for me to release the pain I’m feeling is by using my voice, just on a song instead,” he continues.

“When you bottle everything up if you’re depressed it’s a dark and scary place, you’re not yourself it’s like somebody else takes control of your body and your actions. My advice to any young creative & artist out there that deals with mental health is find your release, it can save your life.”

Watch Wiles’ Linkin Park mashup below”

Speaking on ‘Outlined’ and what he hopes to achieve through his music, Wiles said: “I want to help people. Everyone goes through these things, put your coolness and pride aside for a second, focus on your mental state.”

Earlier this month, more than 250 Linkin Park fans from 36 countries came together to record a special cover of ‘In The End’ from quarantine.


The video was created by YouTube users RocknMob, who organise mass performances of famous rock songs.

Meanwhile, Linkin Park have revealed that they still have unreleased material featuring former frontman Chester Bennington.