Lisa Mitchell teams up with Jess Hitchcock for stunning new single ‘Summoning’

The fourth taste of her forthcoming album 'A Place To Fall Apart'

Lisa Mitchell has teamed up with Indigenous singer Jess Hitchcock for a stunning new single titled ‘Summoning’.

The cut, which arrived on Thursday (April 7), is built around stirring acoustic guitar and gentle piano. Mitchell and Hitchcock’s soft, wispy vocals complement each other beautifully as they sing of a connection to country, offering both a non-Indigenous and Indigenous perspective.

An accompanying music video was released alongside the song, directed and produced by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd, with cinematography by Bonita Carzino. It captures ethereal footage of Mitchell and Hitchcock singing atop a headland, surrounded by golden grasses and piercing blue skies. Watch it below.


Speaking of the track in a press release, Mitchell said: “The other voice on this recording is that of Jess Hitchcock, a singer-songwriter with family origins from the Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea.”

“We both find great connection and meaning in our ancestry, and so it is not surprising that we wrote this song in only one day! The song begins with us singing to the oldest trees in the continent, the Wollemi pines, ( only discovered ten years ago in the Blue Mountains, after being presumed extinct!) asking them for answers to our modern problems.

“It moves between a love-song and a conversation with the spirits of the land. We summon our inner knowing, and we call upon the wisdom of the land to help us find our way through this modern mess. Part love-song, part remembering of inner wisdom, and the support that is available from the land.”

It’s the fourth single to be lifted from Mitchell’s forthcoming album ‘A Place To Fall Apart’, set for release later this month, on April 22. She shared the album’s first single ‘Zombie’ back in October last year, followed by ‘I Believe In Kindness’ and ‘Dreaming, Swimming’.


She’ll be embarking on a run of launch shows following the record’s release, with 13 dates scheduled throughout May, June and July. Tickets for the shows are available here.