Listen to Machine Gun Kelly’s cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’

The original version of the track appeared on Ocean's 'Nostalgia, Ultra' album

Machine Gun Kelly has covered Frank Ocean‘s ‘Swim Good’ – scroll down the page to listen to it below.

On the cover, MGK plays guitar while delivering a heavier rendition of Ocean’s 2011 ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ single.

Previously, MGK has also covered Rihanna’s ‘Love on the Brain,’ Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova, and Billie Eilish’s ‘Ocean Eyes’.


Part of this cover also sees MGK adding his own lyrics. “I’m drowning in your holy water / Hold me under longer / Hold this rib that I gave you / Just don’t pierce my under armour,” he sings at one point. “Fashion killer / Look inside, you can see the coffins / The cane ables me to function / Nights when my body stoppin’.”

Listen to it here:

The rapper brought in the New Year by revealing his plans to release two new albums in 2022.

He’d previously announced the “guitar-heavy” ‘Born With Horns’ – the follow-up to ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ – last summer.

MGK subsequently shared the first taste of the project in the form of ‘Papercuts’. In October, he said that his new LP would be “more guitar-heavy” while being “deeper” lyrically.


Speaking of the project last year, he explained: “Every album is a juxtaposition of the last album. So I went and studied ‘Tickets’, and I heard the bright sound that I had, and for this [new] album I just turned the lights off.

“I’m not scared anymore, there’s nothing holding me back from being my true self – and my true self can’t be silenced, can’t be restrained. It’s a force, it’s like a hurricane. Can’t stop that, it just goes until it feels like stopping, and I don’t feel like stopping anytime soon.”