Listen to Ainslie Wills’ haunting new single ‘This Is What Our Love Looks Like Now’

The track marks her first release of the year

Melbourne artist Ainslie Wills has returned with her first new single of the year, ‘This Is What Our Love Looks Like Now’.

Released yesterday (March 19), the song is hauntingly beautiful, with Wills’ crystalline vocals accompanied by gentle guitar. It tells a relationship story familiar to many; one of a love that has changed over time, where neither party are sure where things stand anymore.

Listen to the song below:


Announcing the track’s arrival on social media, Wills said “Oh how I love that I get to document time and space via music”.

“This Is What Our Love Looks Like Now is out today and was filmed live at the old Westbury Hotel – (thanks @huskysongs) in a tiny window of time made possible by the magical @mattdugred,” she wrote.

“Initially this song was written for a film but took on a greater meaning in a personal way as I started playing it live.”

The new track follows on from Wills’ 2020 musical contributions, singles ‘Detour’, featuring Nashville artist Old Sea Brigade, and ‘Two Strong Hearts’.


She released her last full length album ‘All You Have Is All You Need’ in 2019, the follow-up to her 2013 debut, ‘You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine’.