Listen to Alex Cameron cover ‘Islands In The Stream’ and ‘Midsummer Nights’

He was accompanied by Roy Molloy, Roan Yellowthorn and Foxygen's Jonathan Rado

Sydney-born and raised musician Alex Cameron has covered two classic ’80s tracks, ‘Islands In The Stream’ and ‘Midsummer Nights’.

He shared his renditions of the songs last Friday (July 9), both of which were originally co-written by the Bee Gees‘ Barry Gibb and performed by Kenny Rogers.

Cameron’s first cover, ‘Islands In The Stream’, was made in collaboration with American indie duo Roan Yellowthorn, and stays true to the much-loved original sung by Rogers and Dolly Parton.


For the second, ‘Midsummer Nights’, Cameron enlisted the help of Californian musician Jonathan Rado, of the band Foxygen. Both tracks also feature his saxophonist, Roy Molloy.

You can listen to the covers below.

Speaking of his decision to cover the tracks, Cameron professed his admiration for Barry Gibb.

“I’ve almost lost friends over Barry Gibb’s songs,” he said. “They’re so important to me, whenever anyone else covers his songs, or even expresses a love for them – I become possessed by some pubescent demon.”

“These songs speak to you and you alone, it tells me. Hell, I even play a Guild Songbird on stage, Barry Gibb’s guitar of choice – against the pleas of sound techs in venues the world over.


“Of course the demon is wrong, and it’s time I let those possessive feelings go. This single is an attempt to rid myself of that jealous spirit. The one that says this music is mine, and only I understand it.”

He went on to describe his initial hesitation to taking on the classics, saying he “considered ‘Islands In The Stream’ untouchable”.

“A big part of me thinks it still is,” he added. “I’m lucky Roan Yellowthorn agreed to sing it with me. She carries the recording, and gave me license to sing on it with her.

“The B-side – ‘Midsummer Nights’, as a song – is perhaps the closest thing to perfection in the world of pop music. Jonathan Rado did all the music on the recording. You can hear that he understands how important that tune is to me, and to all of us. And so here it is, the music that is no longer just for me, from our crew to yours.”

Last year, Cameron released a four-track EP titled ‘Miami Memories’. It featured sparse demos from his 2019 LP ‘Miami Memory’, before they were reworked into the final album versions.