Listen to Allday’s surprise new single ‘Good Thanks’

Another rap track after his "guitar album" 'Drinking With My Smoking Friends'

Allday is capping off the year with the release of his surprise new single, ‘Good Thanks’.

‘Good Thanks’ further tests Allday’s versatility, as he provides smooth and chilled bars over an aggressive and unrelenting drill-inspired beat, produced by Slammin Simon Lam.

In a press statement, Allday – real name Tom Gaynor – explained how ‘Good Thanks’ is a result of his own curiosity around drill music.


“I love drill and I wanted to see how melodic raps would sound on a drill tempo beat,” Gaynor said.

“It has hard drums and bass, but then I make it nerdy by saying ‘good thanks’ and mentioning bubble tea. I like showing duality because nobody is just one thing, everyone has both sides.”

Listen to ‘Good Thanks’ below.

Late last month, Allday endeavoured to remind fans that he hasn’t forgotten his love of rap music – after taking a few genre detours – with ‘Eyes On The Prize’. In a statement, Gaynor succinctly put it, “After making other genres for a while, making rap is fun again”.

The pair of rap tracks come after Allday delivered his guitar-driven, indie-inspired fourth album ‘Drinking With My Smoking Friends’ earlier this year.


In a mid-year round-up of Australia’s best albums back in June, the album was described by NME as cementing “his versatility and his bravery, yet still seamlessly weaves in the musical elements he’s built his career on thus far.”

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