Listen to Benny The Butcher’s new collaborative track, ‘Spineless’

The new track also features Ransom

Benny the Butcher has released a new track called ‘Spineless’ – listen below.

The song, which Benny has made in collaboration with Ransom, is one of the tracks from a joint project he has been working on with 38 Spesh.

Announced back in February, ‘Trust The Sopranos’ features a range of collaborations from 38 Spesh’s Trust Gangs and Butcher’s Black Soprano Family. It will be released on April 30.


Following on from the release with ElCamino’s ‘Immunity’, the hard-hitting collaboration with Ransom was released on April 2.

Last month, Benny The Butcher released his new album ‘The Plugs I Met 2’.

The nine-track project, which arrived four months after Benny was shot during an attempted robbery, featured guest verses from the likes of 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, French Montana, Jim Jones and late rapper Chinx.

Unlike the first volume of ‘The Plugs I Met’ which had Alchemist, Daringer and a number of others handling the beats, the sequel to the Griselda rapper’s 2019 project is produced entirely by New York’s Harry Fraud.


Although it was recorded at the same time as last year’s critically acclaimed Hit-Boy-produced ‘Burden Of Proof’ album, Benny said the energy on his latest effort is very different.

“I recorded ‘Burden Of Proof’ in Cali with Hit-Boy and ‘The Plugs I Met 2’ in Brooklyn with Harry and you can hear that influence,” Benny explained. “I came in as an underdog, to filling out my position as one of the elite rhymers in the industry. ‘Plugs 2’ expands upon that mindset; the same confidence, same attitude, cocky, but I still have something to prove”

“‘Plugs 2’ is the story of a hustler who has realised success but understands how fragile it is,” added Harry Fraud. “Lyrically, the album shows Benny reflecting on what he’s sacrificed to get here and what he’ll need to do to continue his rise to the top.”

He concluded: “With this project, we set out to transport the listener into a world that was lush, but still gritty, triumphant, but still emotional and sonically diverse across the board.”

Reviewing the album, NME said: “It’s exciting to see New York’s newer guys rub shoulders with rap superstars such as Dipset’s Jim Jones (on the repetitive ‘Longevity’) and Fat Joe (who kills his verse with braggadocio on ‘Talking Back’), proving the Big Apple hasn’t lost its bite. Benny knows full well the stars who came before him, and makes this record a beautiful homage to them too.”

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