Listen to Biblemami’s electrifying new single ‘Bunny’

The track is described as “the intersection of childish fairy tale and the cruel world of being a teenage girl”

Canberra-based pop artist Biblemami has shared a new single titled ‘Bunny’.

Produced by Sydney indie-pop artist Thomas Porter, the bright and bouncy track shines with understated synth leads, prickly drum beats and a groovy, bass-inflected chorus.

Released today (August 24), ‘Bunny’ comes alongside a self-directed film clip, in which Biblemami jams out to the track from her bedroom, switching between a wide array of costumes.


Take a look at the video for ‘Bunny’ below:

Lyrically, ‘Bunny’ deals with themes of mental instability in a fast-paced world, with Biblemami calling out for help as she reckons with adolescence. In the track’s chorus, she sings: “I don’t know where I’m going / I think I’ve really falling / Down all these rabbitholes, and / I really need somebody / I don’t know what I’m doing / I think I’m really losing / Touch from above the surface / I really need you, bunny.”

In a press release, the 17-year-old said ‘Bunny’ is “fun and bright and lively, but also dips into this darkness through the lyrics and tells a story. It’s the intersection of childish fairy tale and the cruel world of being a teenage girl.”

‘Bunny’ marks Biblemami’s third release, following her 2019 breakout single ‘Act Ur Age’ and 2020’s follow-up track ‘Death Support’. It also serves as the lead single from Biblemami’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘Unpleasant Adolescent’, due for release on October 24 via Dew Process / Universal.