Listen to Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna sing new ‘WandaVision’ theme song

The show's latest theme takes on the form of '90s pop punk

A new version of the WandaVision theme song has been released, sung by Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna – listen to it below.

Each episode of Marvel‘s new Disney+ series pays homage to a sitcom from the past, including nods to shows like Bewitched, I Love Lucy, and more.

The show’s latest episode touches down in the ’90s, and included within the many Easter eggs is a brand new theme song, performed by the Bikini Kill frontwoman.


Written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the married songwriting team behind Frozen, you can listen to ‘Let’s Keep It Going’ below:

“Shout out to the amazing @kathleenhanna of bikini kill and le Tigre fame,” Anderson-Lopez tweeted. “She’s the star of this week’s riot girl inspired WandaVision theme song!”

Earlier this month, WandaVision boss Jac Schaeffer revealed she had “a lot of headaches” while setting out the new TV show’s various plot twists.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Schaeffer said: “I think that when we were breaking the story, it was really hard. We had a lot of goals. There were a lot of different levels. I have a lot of memories.


“When I think about the early stages of breaking it – I remember a lot of headaches, and just being like, ‘How do we hold this all in?’”

Reviewing WandaVision, NME wrote: “Marvel isn’t known for messing with its formula, but the big leap from cinema to streaming calls for a bold play – and WandaVision delivers.

“Nostalgia-phobes might soon grow bored of the ‘Honey, I’m home!’ shtick, but a slowly unwinding mystery should keep most of us hooked from week-to-week, even if beige wallpaper and oddly-patterned carpets aren’t your thing.”