Listen to Brendan Maclean’s new single ‘Sensational’

Written in Neil Finn's New Zealand studios

Brendan Maclean is ready to cap off his 2020 with the release of his third and final single of the year, the crunchy and bass-heavy ‘Sensational’.

The song, produced by New Zealand’s Missy with toplines from Kings and Jon Lemmon, was written while Maclean attended APRA NZ Songhubs 2020 earlier this year, held in Neil Finn‘s studios.

‘Sensational’ is a markedly different song than Maclean’s other two releases of the year – the disco-infused ‘Easy Love‘ and the Yeo-produced ‘Gemini‘.


Listen to ‘Sensational’ below:

“The camp was held in Neil Finn’s studios, so besides the place being aesthetically and technically gorgeous, it was also full of amazing literature,” Maclean explained of the song’s origins in a press statement.

“I found myself noodling through a ‘History of Punk’ type book while Missy was noodling around with bed tracks. I started picking out phrases that caught my eye, I’d write two words from the book to start the lyric and then I’d kind of respond to it or finish off the sentence without thinking too much.

“Missy’s production is so vibrant, so it’s enough for me to sit on that almost beat-poetry, blues vocal line,” he continued.

“After a week of writing pretty straight-up pop top-lines with Swedish producers, it was cool to throw all those rules and follow my gut. Performing is when I sing most like myself and I think that really comes across on this one.”


Maclean is set to officially launch ‘Sensational’ with a performance at Camelot in Marrickville, Sydney, on Saturday December 12. Tickets available here.