Listen to Chasing Ghosts’ powerful new single ‘Busted Lung’

Taken from their forthcoming EP 'Homelands'

Rock outfit Chasing Ghosts have released their new single ‘Busted Lung’, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Homelands’.

‘Busted Lung’ marks the second track from the Melbourne rock act to be released this year, following the release of ‘Summer’ in January.

The song was inspired by true events, as a friend of frontman Jimmy Kyle’s was a victim of a homophobic hate crime that occurred in 2015.


The music video, which is relatively graphic, advises viewer discretion as it depicts said hate crime. It further reveals that the victim forgave his two assailants and even advocated that they not receive prison time. It proceeds to ask the viewer, “What would you do?”

Watch the video for ‘Busted Lung’ below:

‘Homelands’ is due out on Friday, May 14, with each track apparently inspired by real-life stories. It’s being released via Briggs‘ record label, Bad Apples Music.

“I know people are going to come after me with some of these songs,” Kyle said of the EP in a press statement.

“But I know in my heart that telling these stories is right and telling them in the way I do is the right thing to do. I know my audience is predominantly non-Indigenous, so I have to engage them in a way that engages their heart.”


“Because that way they’re not going to be judged,” Kyle continued, “but they can put themselves in an empathetic position to go on the journey.”

‘Homelands’ will be the first project from the band since their 2016 album, ‘I Am Jimmy Kyle’.

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