Listen to Chelsea Warner’s moody new single ‘Drama’

"An ode to the stereotype of the dramatic teenage girl"

Sydney-based R&B singer Chelsea Warner has released her emotive new single, ‘Drama’.

The track was written, recorded and produced entirely by Warner, and sports a heady, atmospheric energy that allows her soaring lead vocal to own the spotlight.

Released independently, ‘Drama’ marks Warner’s first material for 2021, following a series of standalone singles she put out last year.


Watch the video for ‘Drama’ below:

In a press release, Warner explained her intention to address the negative stereotypes often ascribed to young women, and how those can influence a person in their formative years.

“‘Drama’ was written about a side of myself that I don’t like; one that craves attention and loves tension,” she said. “Written in the haze of adolescence, it’s an ode to the stereotype of the dramatic teenage girl and how it makes young women feel about their own emotions.”

For the track’s film clip, Warner worked closely with director Kezia Suryaputra to capture a stylised reflection of her emotions in the heat of a turbulent situation.

“When my more dramatic side strikes, it makes me feel like I could rep being a brooding villainess, capable of anything,” Warner said. “Suryaputra and I wanted to represent the inside of my head spiralling as I over-dramatise a situation, resorting to plotting a murder as retaliation for a (probably unimportant) wronging.”


“I wanted it to reflect the glitzy, untouchable persona of my ego, who thinks she’s infallible and always right. In reality, I try to stay quite reserved, but just for this song I wanted to indulge the hyper-emotional self I try to quash, one that I came to know quite well in teenage girlhood.

“The hazy, dreamy visuals (created by director of photography Daniel Cai) and ornate sets (by production designer/stylist Monica Tjandra) represent a not-so-great side of myself – one that craves attention, revenge and drama.”