Listen to Children Collide shred out in new single ‘Man Of The People’

The psych-rockers are less than a month away from dropping their first album in almost a decade

Children Collide have shared a new single titled ‘Man Of The People’, coming as the latest cut from their upcoming fourth album, ‘Time Itself’.

A distinctly heavy track for the Melbourne psych-rockers, ‘Man Of The People’ charges along with thrashing percussion, tearing riffs, and a vocal performance more reminiscent of ‘70s punk than the breezy, washed-out melodies typical for the band.

Take a look at the video for ‘Man Of The People’, directed by Children Collide frontman Jonny Mackay (under the moniker of Lord Fascinator), below:


Speaking to The Music, Mackay said the video’s concept came from the singer and guitarist’s fascination with the filmed performances of yesteryear – long before the age of SNL and the Tiny Desk.

“The closest any TV program ever got to transferring that true live band energy through the screen was Germany’s Beat Club which ran from ‘65-’72,” he said.

“I’ve done many deep dives on their YouTube Channel. Check out Sabbath, Can, Fanny, MC5, Canned Heat, there’s even one with NEU! & Kraftwerk jamming.

“Somehow, the crude green screen and way it’s edited makes you feel something special, so I really wanted to go for that vibe with this video. The crash zooms referenced old Sonic Youth videos and I added in some funny old Star Wars wipes in the edit then stirred it all into a visual soup to hopefully give people a taste of that live energy in their screens.”


‘Time Itself’ will mark Children Collide’s first studio effort in almost a decade, following the ‘Monument’ album in 2012. It’s set for release on August 27 via Spinning Top Records, and in addition to ‘Man Of The People’, features the singles ‘Funeral For A Ghost’, ‘Trampoline’ and ‘Uh Oh’.

Children Collide initially broke up shortly after the release of ‘Monument’, with Mackay moving to New York and launching the electronica project Fascinator, while drummer Ryan Caesar went on to form the band Pearls. The band made a brief comeback in 2014, and reunited permanently in 2019.