Listen to Columbus’ electrifying new single ‘Temporary Summer’

The band worked on ‘Temporary Summer’ in the short gap between Melbourne’s last two lockdowns

Pop-punk outfit Columbus have dropped a lively new single titled ‘Temporary Summer’, landing as their second new track for 2021.

Another independent release for the east coast trio, ‘Temporary Summer’ lives up to its name with sharp, brightly-textured riffs, energetic drums and an infectious, uplifting chorus primed for singalongs.

Have a listen to ‘Temporary Summer’ below:


In a press release, frontman Alex Moses said he was heavily inspired by The Killers when he was writing ‘Temporary Summer’, with his primary aim being “to try and channel their uplifting indie-rock drive alongside Columbus’ heartfelt rock/punk style”.

He continued: “It’s a song about escapism and being somewhere for a short while where everything feels good, and nothing can hurt you – a temporary summer.”

The band worked on ‘Temporary Summer’ in the short gap between Melbourne’s last two lockdown periods, working with producer Joel Quartermain (Fergus James, G Flip, Eskimo Joe). Moses noted that because the band’s members all live in different states, they only had a few days to rehearse and record the song.

He compared the process to “going to a theme park and trying to cram as many rides as you can before they close.”

‘Temporary Summer’ marks Columbus’ second song for the year, after they shared the standalone single ‘Pain Is A Mirror’ back in April. The band are currently working on a full-length follow-up to their second album, ‘A Hot Take On Heartbreak’, which landed in 2018 as their final outing on UNFD, and shortly before they went on a year-long hiatus.


When they returned in November of 2019 with the single ‘Can’t Hide From What Hurts’, they did so with a new bassist and second vocalist, Lauren Guerrera. That track was followed with another standalone release, ‘Out Of Time’, last April.