Listen to Creature Fear’s emotive new single ‘Big Summer Eyes’

The latest cut from their forthcoming debut EP

Melbourne four-piece Creature Fear have released an emotive new single in the form of ‘Big Summer Eyes’.

It’s another cut from their forthcoming debut EP, whose title and release date are yet to be announced.

‘Big Summer Eyes’ opens with slow, acoustic strumming and the haunting vocals of singer Jacqui Lumsden, before drums, bass and electric guitar enter the picture to create a fuller-bodied sound. Listen to the track below:


Speaking of the new single in a press statement, the band explained the story behind the song.

“It’s about the loss of having someone torn away from you, but with a glimpse of hope for better days,” they shared.

“Though everyone in the band has their own interpretation which is really special.”

‘Big Summer Eyes’ is the third piece of new music from Creature Fear this year. They kicked things off with ‘Barely Alive’ in April, before following up with ‘Little Fishes’ in August.


The latter track arrived alongside a stop-motion video clip comprising more than 2,500 individual frames that were each hand-drawn by the band.

The band explained how the DIY video had come about in a press statement at the time of the single’s release.

“We were in the final stages of planning the ‘Little Fishes’ music video and were within a week of shooting,” they said.

“However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions and lock down, we had to quickly change our plans and strategy…With not many options and lots of extra time on our hands due to lock down, we quickly re-adjusted.”