Listen to CXLOE’s new heartbreak song, ‘Soft Rock’

Channelling "Kelly Clarkson, side fringes, iPods, low rise jeans and Paramore"

Sydney singer CXLOE has released another dark pop cut inspired by heartbreak and the songs that help to heal, titled ‘Soft Rock’.

The new single is her second release of the year, set to appear on an unnamed forthcoming body of work.

Co-written with Eric Leva in Los Angeles in 2019, CXLOE describes the track in a press statement as chronicling her first heartbreak and channeling “Kelly Clarkson, side fringes, iPods, low rise jeans and Paramore”.
Listen to it below:



“The song talks about my first heartbreak, where I desperately want to do something rebellious to ease the pain but I’m really just pathetically heartbroken and all I can bring myself to do is cry,” she elaborated.

“It recounts my attempt at working through a breakup; putting on *soft* rock music, dying my hair, piercing my nose and every other cliche. It’s a facade and front I put on to convince myself I’m strong and totally over being heartbroken.

“It’s that one break up you have in your life where you’re actually not sure you will survive or ever get over the pain you’re feeling at that moment.”

The track follows on from May’s ‘Cry & Drive’, which was a heartfelt ode to her late grandmother.


She released her debut EP ‘Heavy, Pt. 1’ in 2020, but didn’t tour it until May of this year. She was unable to complete the run of shows due to COVID-19 border restrictions.