Listen to Daine’s new single ‘Sleepwalking’

It follows on from the release of her debut mixtape 'Quantum Jumping'

Just months after the release of her debut mixtape ‘Quantum Jumping’, Daine is back with a new single titled ‘Sleepwalking’.

The new cut is another emo offering from the Filipino-Australian artist, with trap beats and glitchy, hyperpop production. It traverses dark themes like much of daine’s music, with lines like “the things you say are just so unhealthy / contempt is there with or without me” and “i traced your scent / you’re just an evil incarnate“.

An accompanying animated visualiser arrived alongside the track, courtesy of Siir Bicer. The 3D, video-game-like graphics feature a butterfly trapped in a glowing orb, surrounded by grass and shifting skies.


Check it out below:

Announcing the track’s arrival on Instagram, daine said that it had been co-produced with Hearteyes, BLVU and Lonelyspeck, and co-written with Brevin Kim and Photographic Memory.

Daine’s ‘Quantum Jumping’ mixtape arrived in May, comprising a number of previously released singles, including ‘Weekends’, ‘Cemetery Dreams’, ‘IDC’ and ‘New Ground’.

Speaking to NME about the record, she explained how a lot of the songs had been written while she was in high school, and her growth since then.

“I’m completely different. My life is completely different. I was so unhappy and underconfident, and my life was definitely much more of a struggle back then,” she said.


“But now I’ve got an incredible team around me, I’ve got incredible friends. My label literally let me do whatever I want creatively.”