Listen to Deep Scan’s new compilation with Rebel Yell, Enderie and more

'Solid State Drive' features 22 contributions from both Australian and international electronic acts

Sydney-based electronic radio program Deep Scan has released its inaugural compilation, ‘Solid State Drive’.

Among the compilation’s 22 tracks is an abrasive new song titled ‘Combat’ from producer Rebel Yell, alongside contributions from the likes of Enderie, Jonny Reebok, YAWS, Black Dahlia and more. Listen to ‘Combat’ below:


Since 2018, the Energy Groove-hosted radio show has been sharing insights into Sydney’s electronic underground to cross-continental listeners. On the program, Tom Vanderzeil (Passive Kneeling) and Erin Nortje (R-T-FAX) curate wide-ranging playlists that feature local favourites alongside emerging international acts.

The compilation is similarly eclectic, drawing from both Australian and international producers and showcasing a sonically diverse mix that includes ambient electronica, IDM, techno and harder, more aggressive sounds.

The compilation is broken up into three sections punctuated by interludes depicting a disgruntled caller having problems with an SSD, going hand in hand with the post-apocalyptic aesthetics Deep Scan centres around.

‘Solid State Drive’ is available for streaming and download in full here via Bandcamp.

Rebel Yell released second album ‘Fall From Grace’ back in July. Upon its release, NME Australia wrote that the album “still offers searing, bass-heavy bangers, but underneath lies a call for vulnerability against complacency, empathy over apathy – one that resounds far beyond the dancefloor.”