Listen to ‘Dog In The Shade’, the debut single from The Riot

"The future is rhythm and chaos"

The Riot – stylised as THE RIOT – a brand new Aussie band producing left-field R’n’B and guttural hardcore-punk, have released their debut single, ‘Dog In The Shade’.

According to a statement, ‘A Dog In The Shade’ is about “disenfranchisement and depression, and how to weaponise feelings of sadness and rage to fight to the powers that be”.

Lead vocalist JD added, “We’re saying ‘F*ck the enemy, riot the energy’ and let your voice be your voice regardless of how the world has made you feel.”


The track has been released with an official (and supernatural) music video by Nick Waterman, which you can watch below.

‘Dog In The Shade’ was produced by Matt Corby and his long-time producer, Alex Henriksson. “[Henriksson] was really able to take our disjointed pieces and glue them together,” JD said of working with the producer.

THE RIOT formed by chance, when guitarist Tyler and drummer Scotty came across JD trying to scale the fence of a venue. From there, unity rose through the band’s shared anger and politics, and an interest in music that wasn’t defined by a particular era or sound.

“There’s power in numbers, it’s better than being on your own,” JD said. “[Together] we can get our voices that have been ‘the unheard’, to be heard.”