Listen to Dominic Breen’s dizzying new single ‘Real Hard Week’

Breen’s debut album, ‘Blue Volume’, is set for release on October 1

Dominic Breen has shared an emotive new single titled ‘Real Hard Week’, coming as the final preview of his forthcoming debut album, ‘Blue Volume’.

Produced by Middle Kids bassist Tim Fitz and mastered by The Avalanches and Matt Corby collaborator Matthew Neighbour, ‘Real Hard Week’ is a heady, melancholic indie-pop number driven by sharp, warbling synth leads and glassy strummed guitars.

Have a listen to the track below:


In a press release, Breen explained that ‘Real Hard Week’ was the first track he’d written for ‘Blue Volume’, with his primary intention being to write a song that sounded “epic, like the pivotal song in a musical, like a Sondheim classic or something”.

“I initially thought it would be a duet and I was using the word ‘Disney’ in the studio to convey what I was trying to say, like, ‘let’s make it more Disney’. But then I realised that the sentiments were truly one-way sentiments, and that in this case, the conclusion at the end of the song could only be my own.”

‘Real Hard Week’ is the fifth song to be released from ‘Blue Volume’, following previous singles ‘Lovelost’, ‘James Street Tonight’, ‘Under Your Sorrow’ and ‘Hey, Only If You Want To’. The full record is due to land on October 1 via Double Drummer.

It was initially set for release on August 20, but was knocked back after Breen sustained a serious injury back in June. Though he didn’t share specific details of the incident, he did post an X-ray image of his left leg with a series of pins and a metal plate surgically installed.

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