Listen to Donatachi’s hyperactive new single ‘Buttons’

It's the Sydney producer's second solo single of 2021 thus far

Sydney producer Donatachi has released their second solo single of the year thus far, with the energetic ‘Buttons’.

Arriving today (October 1), the song serves as a follow-up to their last solo output ‘Cry’, a rework of The Mavis’ 1998 song of the same name, at the beginning of the year.

“The lyrics and melody for ‘Buttons’ literally came to me in a dream,” Donatachi said of the song. “I was enveloped by walls of tech and surrounded by screens with flashing buttons.”


Listen to ‘Buttons’ below.

Donatachi also revealed that the song marked a personal milestone for the producer, saying: “It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like the artists I admire.

“For the longest time I’ve aspired to be like the artists I grew up listening to. I’ve watched interviews about their creative processes and often felt inadequate not being fluent in any instrument or music theory.”

‘Buttons’ is the fourth song overall that Donatachi has released this year. In addition to ‘Cry’, they also teamed up with Southern Californian artist Cowboy Clue for ‘B2B Heartbeat’ back in May.

In August, they linked up with Brisbane artist LÂLKA for their joint effort ‘FWD’. LÂLKA also delivered her latest solo offering today, with the release of ‘Hold Me’.


In a separate press statement, Donatachi ruminated on how they’ve been building their artistry throughout the past year, saying: “I’ve spent so much time to reflecting and reevaluating what Donatachi means to me and to the people that listen to my music.

It’s always been about creating a world that’s fresh and in some ways alien, but never alienating. Now more than ever I want my music to feel hopeful and aspirational, like a flash forward into a bright and exciting future.”