Listen to Eilish Gilligan’s new single, ‘Up All Night’

Co-written with Alex Lahey and Japanese Wallpaper

Eilish Gilligan has returned to give us her second single of the year thus far, titled ‘Up All Night’.

Released today (May 14), the song was co-written with Alex Lahey and Japanese Wallpaper. It follows on from Gilligan’s Bandcamp-exclusive track, ‘The Beach’, which dropped back in February.

To celebrate the song’s release, Gilligan will be a hosting a live-stream on her Twitch channel today at 1pm AEST, where she’ll be performing the track.


Listen to ‘Up All Night’ below.

In a press statement, Gilligan said ‘Up All Night’ is about “the snap decision to go out, to stay up all night, to replace lovers with friends, to dance with a room full of strangers and sweat, to take drugs, to scream along and to blackout from drinking and full-body exhaustion”.

Gilligan went on to explain that this is her “perfect version of that night”.

“[My] idea of the perfect version of myself; someone who is fun, and chaotic, and the life of the party – not who I am, which is anxious, chronically sad, and frightened of drugs and blacking out and making out with strangers.”

On collaborating with Lahey and Japanese Wallpaper, Gilligan said, “It was something I will never forget – I love those two incredibly talented people so much, and to write such a special song with them is something I will never take for granted”.


‘Up All Night’ is the first release Gilligan has made available on all streaming services since she dropped her 2020 EP, ‘Hospital’.