Listen to Eilish Gilligan’s new track, ‘The Beach’

Her first single of 2021

Melbourne artist Eilish Gilligan has made her return today with the release of her new single, ‘The Beach’.

Released exclusively on Bandcamp, the song marks the first release since she dropped her debut EP ‘Hospital’ last November.

On social media, Gilligan posted an old photo of her in celebration of the song’s release, and thanked her subscribers and followers on Twitch for their support.


“[T]hanks to my extremely supportive Twitch community, there’s a new track up on my Bandcamp right now,” she wrote.

She also revealed that Lewis Coleman, who took the posted photo, contributed guitar to the song as well.

Listen to ‘The Beach’ below.

Gilligan has spent much of 2020 building her platform on Twitch, giving viewers insights into how she composes and produces records. In fact, upon the release of her ‘Hospital’ EP, she performed it in full on the live-streaming site.

The release of ‘Hospital’ was preceded by the release of two singles ‘Flesh‘ and ‘Calling Me Out‘, the former being the first song Gilligan ever produced by herself.


“The track arose from someone saying ‘I think about you all the time’,” she said at the time of the song’s release.

“There’s something about having those words be said to you honestly that is so disarming and bright.”