Listen to First Beige’s smooth new single ‘BBL’

Their first release since 2020's 'Not Gonna Feel The Way You Asked For'

Brisbane outfit First Beige have released their first new single for the year, titled ‘BBL’.

Released today (May 7), it’s the first we’ve heard from the six-piece band in almost a year. The new track is a mix of jazz, electronica and funk, with atmospheric vocals and an infectious rhythm.

Check it out below.



“‘BBL’ pays homage to Black Bear Lodge, a place where we have spent many many many nights not just dancing, but also learning about music and how it can make us feel,” the band shared of the song on Instagram, referencing the iconic Brisbane venue.

“Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making.”

Speaking of the track in a press statement, the band’s David Versace reflected on the song’s production.

“I really wanted to write something with this melody that I kept hearing in my head,” he said.


“I had a mood in mind and wanted to combine the two to create a kind of cassette boogie vibe, something fun and playful. It started out as that first keyboard loop motif and went from there.

“After most of the track was down I got my girlfriend to sing a few harmonies to thicken up the mix. We then tracked drums and added in a few synthy sprinkles over at the Borg Loft where the final mix was done.”

It follows on from the outfit’s singular original 2020 release ‘Not Gonna Feel The Way You Asked For’, which was born from an improvisational jam session.

Their last EP was released in 2019, titled ‘Mirrors’.