Listen to Flyying Colours’ new single ‘OK’

The Melbourne shoegazers' new album 'Fantasy Country' arrives later this month

Flyying Colours have shared new single ‘OK’ ahead of sophomore album ‘Fantasy Country’ arriving later this month.

The latest from the Melbourne shoegaze quartet is a characteristically lush, melodic cut that follows on from the album’s two previously-released singles – ‘Goodtimes’ in 2019 and last year’s ‘Big Mess’.

According to the band’s Brodie J Brümmer, the song is about “living your life dealing with something you assume will go away once you reach a certain age or maturity, only to find that things don’t magically change when you ‘grow up’.


“It’s about learning that you may not ever change, even though the world around you might have.”

Listen to ‘OK’ below:

Flyying Colours announced ‘Fantasy Country’ last month alongside a handful of east coast launch shows. Set for release on February 26 via Poison City, it marks the band’s first album in five years, following up their 2016 debut LP ‘Mindfullness’.

Upon announcing ‘Fantasy Country’, the band explained that its release had been delayed due to the pandemic, saying the album was supposed to be “6-12 months old” by now.

“We take touring and supporting our music live quite seriously so it would have been very difficult for us to put out this album in the early stages of the pandemic,” commented Brümmer.


“But here comes a time now where we need to get these songs out there and make it work in any way that we can.”