Listen to Georgia Maq and Alice Ivy’s new single, ‘Someone Stranger’

The Camp Cope bandleader and electronic producer unite to capture the loneliness and release of the dancefloor

Camp Cope‘s Georgia Maq and producer Annika Schmarsel – aka Alice Ivy – have shared a new collaborative single titled ‘Someone Stranger’.

The new song builds on the nascent electro-pop territory Maq explored on her debut solo album, 2019’s ‘Pleaser’, capturing the loneliness and euphoric release of the dancefloor in equal measure. “Touch my body, I feel something,” she sings on its incredibly cathartic refrain.

“The song is very much open to interpretation, but personally it’s about purging romance through movement,” Maq commented in an accompanying statement.


Listen to ‘Someone Stranger’ below:

“I feel like Georgia and I have always been destined to write together, so I was super excited when we finally got the chance last year. I played her a little demo I had kicking around and she immediately started writing lyrics for it,” Ivy added regarding the collaborative process.

“I loved how fast-paced the whole experience was! I think we were both thinking, ‘Let’s make this a song we’d wanna hear in a club!’. Georgia’s voice is so incredible, it was cool just being able to just write a massive pop banga with her. Very excited to have this one out in the world.”

For Ivy, ‘Someone Stranger’ marks her first new music since releasing her second album ‘Don’t Sleep’ last year, a hugely collaborative affair that saw her unite with the likes of Thelma Plum, Ecca Vandal, Imbi, Odette, Montaigne, Ngaiire and more.


It also marks the first single of the year for Maq, who released standalone track ‘Cold Summer’ in and a split EP with Camp Cope bandmate Kelso, ‘The Garageband Split’, in 2020. Last year also saw Maq feature on a remix of Gordi‘s ‘Extraordinary Life’.