Listen to Goat Girl’s dreamy new track ‘The Crack’

“‘The Crack’ emerged from an imagined post-apocalyptic world"

Goat Girl have released a dreamy new track, ‘The Crack’ – listen to it below.

The song is taken from their upcoming second album, ‘On All Fours’, which is set for release on January 29 via Rough Trade Records. It follows on from previously released single, ‘Space Cowboy.’

Speaking about the track, Goat Girl said: “‘The Crack’ emerged from an imagined post-apocalyptic world whereby people flee into space for a new life on an un-ruined planet, as the result of the pillaging of Planet Earth.”


The surreal video accompanying the track was directed by Molly Ann Pendlebury and you can watch it below.

Speaking about the video, Pendlebury said: “The Crack intimates a world at the mercy of its inhabitants.

“I wanted to create a video which indirectly plays with notions of environmentalism and our relationship to the earth whilst never explicitly being a film about climate change…

“Playing with subtle and restrictive movement, the performers are ‘on all fours’; alluding to the album’s title, and moving collectively as one; portraying a journey through a land lost to time.”


Back in May, Goat Girl were among the 16 artists who contributed to a compilation album in aid of saving The Brixton Windmill.

“When it’s safe to reopen we want nothing more than to celebrate at our spiritual home with all the amazing people that make it what it is, but until then, they need our help,” said Goat Girl.

Speaking about the compilation at the time, The Windmill booker Tim Perry said: “We’re stunned by the co-operation and support from all these artists. On the compilation there’s some famous ones, some cult ones and, in the spirit of the venue, some brand new ones we hope you enjoy.”

Meanwhile, Black Country, New Road and Black Midi announced a collaborative show to raise funds for The Windmill in Brixton earlier this week (December 2).