Listen to Gordi’s remix of the Didirri single ‘Begin Again’

Marking the pair's first collaboration, and only the second time Gordi has remixed an original track

Didirri has enlisted Gordi for a reimagining of the former’s 2022 single ‘Begin Again’.

The song, initially released in March of this year, sees Gordi replace the instruments with heavy bass and atmospheric electronics, continually building the momentum ahead of Didirri’s soulful chorus. “You’re wide eyed and lost again,” he sings, “Babe take me outside of myself… Begin again, again begin”.

The remixed version of ‘Begin Again’ arrives with an updated music video directed by Bill Bleakley. The clip cuts and rearranges the original scenes of a water-bound, blindfolded Didirri, interspersed with glitchy cutaways. Watch that below:


Speaking about the collaboration in a press release, Didirri said: “It was an honour to hand ‘Begin Again’ over to Gordi. I have a lot of respect for what she does. Gordi has taken ‘Begin Again’ to a completely new world, and I’m very grateful that she has.”

This remix is only the second that Gordi has put her name to, having previously collaborated with Julien Baker for a new take on her 2021 song ‘Ringside’.

‘Begin Again’, which has now received both a remix and a live rendition, is so far the only single released from Didirri’s forthcoming third album. The as-yet untitled project will serve as the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Sold For Sale’ and 2018’s ‘Measurements’.

While ‘Begin Again’ marks Didirri and Gordi’s first collaboration, they have appeared together on the line-ups for a handful of events in recent years, including the Brunswick Music Festival back in March, last year’s ‘Sounds Better Together’ concert series in Victoria, and 2018’s SXSW.

Didirri supported ‘Begin Again’ with a three-date tour in June of this year, taking to venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Gordi, meanwhile, released her EP ‘Inhuman’ in August, previewing it with the title track and lead single ‘Way I Go’.

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