Listen to Hauskey’s breezy new single ‘Cream Shirt’

The follow-up to February's 'Go Wrong'

Hauskey is keeping his musical output in 2021 strong, with the release of his second single of the year so far, ‘Cream Shirt’.

Released today (May 20), ‘Cream Shirt’ follows on from previous single ‘Go Wrong’ which dropped back in February.

‘Cream Shirt’ is another breezy number from the singer-songwriter, otherwise known as Andy Hopkins, as he sings about blissful ignorance before tragedy strikes.


Listen to ‘Cream Shirt’ below.

“’Cream Shirt’ is about loss, and the last oblivious and blissful day you had before you found out you’d lost it; a partner, a family member, a job, a pet, normal life pre-covid, whatever it is,” Hauskey explained of the song in a press statement.

“The day before a traumatic or life changing event is fascinating to me, you assume things will always be that way. And they never are, they come and go, so fast.”

The release of ‘Cream Shirt’ also marks the first single released since Hauskey, along with Sycco and Stevan, reportedly brought Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker and his family “to tears” with their stirring rendition of ‘Lost In Yesterday’ at the 2021 APRA Music Awards earlier this year.


Hauskey dropped his debut EP ‘Slow’ last year and, while there’s no follow up project announced as yet, he’s expected to drop even more new music throughout 2021.