Listen to Hockey Dad’s first new single in two years, ‘T’s To Cross’

The band's first new music since 2020 album 'Brain Candy' is "a look into the daily grind most people go through just to survive"

Hockey Dad have returned with their first new music since 2020, sharing a new cut titled ‘T’s To Cross’.

The track takes aim at the nine-to-five working lifestyle and the dreams some people give up while pushing through the daily grind. Sonically, it stays true to the Windang duo’s surf-rock roots, carried by Billy Fleming’s rollicking drums and Zach Stephenson tearing it up on guitar and vocals.

Check it out below.


“T’s To Cross is an ode to the rat race,” the pair said in a press statement. “It’s a look into the daily grind most people go through just to survive.”

“Clock in/Clock out. Everybody jumping over the top of each other to make it up the totem pole. When really we all end up old and bald. Is this lifetime of sacrifice really worth it in the end?”

Following an initial delay, the pair released their third studio album ‘Brain Candy’ in 2020, featuring singles ‘I Missed Out’, ‘Itch’, ‘In This State’, ‘Good Eye’ and ‘Germaphobe’. In a four-star review of the album, NME‘s Ali Shutler wrote: “A departure from their scrappy origins, this record is a big, grown-up collection of forward-thinking rock gems.”

The band had intended to tour the album that same year, but it was pushed back to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those rescheduled dates were disrupted by coronavirus restrictions too, with the band having to cancel their Brisbane show during the performance, and other subsequent dates in the city.

Hockey Dad are currently on tour in the US, but will be returning to Australia to play December’s Vanfest, marking the event’s first full-scale iteration in three years.