Listen to Jaguar Jonze’s fierce new single ‘Punchline’

It arrives less than a month after she announced her debut album 'Bunny Mode'

Jaguar Jonze has shared her fourth single of the year, a fierce cut with hard-hitting delivery, aptly-titled ‘Punchline’.

The edgy single stays true to Jonze’s darker blend of pop, with glitchy production, electrifying guitars and eerie samples peppered throughout. In it, she takes aim at the watering down of women of colour in the music industry, who are moulded to fit into certain boxes and appear a certain way.

We love culture but make sure it’s to our very liking / Make it milky, make it plain and not too spicy,” Jonze sings in one line. On another: “Tell the press that you are something something so exotic / Can’t remember if its east or west or in the tropics / Just make sure that it is underlined and made symbolic.”


An accompanying music video, directed by Jonze herself, sees the singer with a troupe of Asian women and non-binary dancers, who featured in a previous music video for her 2021 single ‘Who Died And Made You King?’. Check it out below:

The new single comes a month after Jonze announced her debut album ‘Bunny Mode’, which is set to arrive on June 3. In a statement at the time, Jonze said the record represents her letting go of an old trauma coping mechanism she calls “bunny mode”.

“Making this album has been this process of saying, ‘Thank you for saving me and allowing me to survive up until this point, but I don’t need you anymore,'” she said.

“The album is also a love letter to music itself. Most things I did in my life, I did for survival. But, making music was the complete opposite: it was a gift and permission to myself to create, live passionately, and say what I was feeling. It was passion, intimacy, rawness, and connection; it completely changed my life. It made me feel human.”

She’ll be taking ‘Bunny Mode’ on tour next month, with shows scheduled throughout June and early July. Find tickets here.


In addition to releasing her ‘Antihero’ EP last year, Jonze was also involved in advocacy work for sexual assault survivors. She shared her personal story on The Project, and was enlisted for a working group to tackle sexual assault in the music industry.

She’s released a slew of singles this year, kicking off with ‘Cut’. It was followed by the release of her Eurovision contender ‘Little Fires’, and ‘Trigger Happy’, which arrived last month upon the announcement of ‘Bunny Mode’.

She also joined Kate Miller-Heidke to collaborate on a new version of Miller-Heidke’s 2020 song ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’, which drew on the singer-songwriter’s experience of childhood sexual abuse.