Listen to Japanese Wallpaper’s new song ‘Leave A Light On’

The first new song from Japanese Wallpaper in two years

It’s been two years since we last heard original solo music from Japanese Wallpaper, but now the Melbourne producer has returned with new track ‘Leave A Light On’.

Written with Alex Lahey and Demi Louise, and co-produced with Death Cab For Cutie co-founder Chris Walla, ‘Leave A Light On’ marks a departure from the traditionally electronic sound Japanese Wallpaper – real name Gab Strum – is known for.

Instead, it opts for a guitar-led melody, apparently inspired by meeting Walla and playing a string of live shows.


“I keep finding myself in the same orbit as a lot of my heroes, and then becoming friends and getting to do all sorts of things together with them,” Strum said in a press statement. “It’s kind of crazy.”

Listen to ‘Leave A Light On’ below.

While he hasn’t released an album since his 2019 debut album ‘Glow’, he did give a press statement sharing some insight on what lay ahead for him musically.

“It’s really just me in the studio with my friends, which is my favorite thing in the world to do,” he said.

“I feel really lucky to be in a position where I get to work with some of my favourite songwriters and artists and kind of help realise the vision for those people, and in turn, realise it for myself.”


The release of ‘Leave A Light On’ comes the same week as Japanese Wallpaper announced a special one-off Melbourne show taking place later this year. He’ll be joined by a smorgasbord of special guests, including Allday, Mallrat, Gretta Ray, MAY-A, Washington and more.

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