Listen to Japanese Wallpaper’s remix of Wolfjay’s ‘Together’

The producer gives his spin on Wolfjay's 2019 track

Melbourne producer Gab Strum – better known as Japanese Wallpaper – has shared a remix of Wolfjay‘s 2019 track ‘Together’. The track originally appeared on Wolfjay’s EP of the same name last year.

Listen to Japanese Wallpaper’s remix below:


“At the start of the year I got a call from Alyse Vellturo, owner of my label Sleep Well Records, saying that she had just gotten off the phone with Japanese Wallpaper — and that he had been raving about how much he loves my track ‘Together’,” commented Wolfjay in a statement alongside the remix.

“I honestly almost dropped my phone, it felt so surreal. Fast forward a few months and Japanese Wallpaper has created the most incredible remix of the track, with everything wild going on in the world at the moment it’s one of the few things that’s guaranteed to make me smile. I love it a lot. I hope it makes you smile as well.”

It’s the latest in a string of remixes Strum has shared over the past few months. Last month, the producer gave his spin on Yumi Zouma’s track ‘Cool for a Second’.

In April, he shared a rework of Charli XCX‘s ‘how i’m feeling now’ single ‘forever’. It marked the second time Strum provided his take on a Charli track – back in 2018, he released an official remix of her 2014 ‘Sucker’ bop ‘Need Ur Luv’. Last year, Strum released ‘Glow’, his first full-length album under the Japanese Wallpaper name.

Wolfjay, meanwhile, released his latest single ‘Very Soon, Very Frequent’ back in June, a collaboration with singer-songwriter (and flatmate) Austen. The collaboration was born in isolation after both artists were confined to their sharehouse together due to coronavirus-imposed restrictions.

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