Listen to Jen Cloher and Hachiku’s cover of The Raincoats’ ‘Fairytale in the Supermarket’

Recorded for the 'Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)' cover series

Jen Cloher has teamed up with Milk! labelmate Hachiku for a cover of The Raincoats’ ‘Fairytale in the Supermarket’.

The track was recorded for US label Kill Rock Stars’ cover series ‘Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)’. The pair’s interpretation of the song offers softer vocals and instrumentation compared to the original, while staying loyal to its gritty, post-punk backing.

Listen to the cover below:


“The Raincoats ‘Fairytale in the Supermarket’ is like jumping aboard a moving train and landing in a carriage of ’70s post-punk mischief that’s giving a huge middle finger to all the things cis hetero white dudes had decided punk was meant to be,” Cloher explained.

“But it’s the depth of the lyrics that blow me away, ‘It makes no difference night or day, no-one teaches you how to live.’ Nihilist or Buddhist? Either way, it’s one of the best opening lines for a song, ever.”

The new collaboration follows Hachiku’s remix of Cloher’s 2017 track ‘Sensory Memory’ last year.

Hachiku – real name Anika Ostendorf – released her debut album ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ last November. The singer-songwriter will be celebrating the record’s release with a national tour, kicking off later this month.


“Thematically, what each song [on the album] would be about is so all over the place,” Ostendorf told NME last year.

“Some songs would be [written] while doing long-distance. Some were when I was back in Germany and while my dog was passing away.”