Listen to Katz and Sophia Brown team up on a new single, ‘Only You’

The Melbourne songwriter also announced his long-awaited second EP

Melbourne songwriter and producer Katz has released a new single, ‘Only You’, alongside the announcement of his second EP.

Featuring guest vocals from local R&B upstart Sophia Brown, the track draws influence from emo-pop trendsetters in the vein of Olivia Rodrigo and Lorde.

It comes as the title track from Katz’s forthcoming second EP, also titled ‘Only You’, due for release on August 13 via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records. Listen below:


In a press release, Katz said, “I’m a sucker for sad pop, and always love writing songs that juxtapose melancholy lyrics against hopeful instrumental backdrops.

“From a lyrical perspective, ‘Only You’ – both within the title track and across the whole EP – traverses a number of aspects of the human condition that many of us can relate to, from self doubt and wasted potential to love and gratitude.”

The ‘Only You’ EP follows his cult-favourite debut, ‘Waterfall’, which landed back in 2018. The six-track follow-up reunites Katz with former collaborators Charlie Lim, Fractures and JANEVA, who sing on the tracks ‘Forgetting’, ‘Forward’ and ‘Back From Nothing’, respectively.

The EP also features musical input from Gab Strum (a.k.a. Japanese Wallpaper) and Simon Lam of Kllo. Described as “a confluence of emotional, vignette-driven storytelling and Katz’s keen ear for original arrangements,” the EP is said to draw from Katz’s past as a jazz musician.


“I think my background in improvised music has given me the ability to come up with chord choices and harmonic sensibilities that might not be found in other pop music”, he explained.

“I always try to remain true to the things that make pop music what it is, but equally, allowing the influence of other genres to imbue a track can give it an emotional lift.”