Listen to Komang’s new single ‘Through The Motions’

Her debut EP 'Mythologies' is due out on November 30

Naarm/Melbourne-based artist Komang has shared her first new single of the year, titled ‘Through The Motions’.

Released today (October 31), the nu-soul track includes elements of jazz and pop, as well as trap beats. It arrived alongside an accompanying music video, directed by Komang herself. The clip is filmed on vintage VHS-style video, with footage of a dancer (Te Francesca) performing choreography in what appears to be an empty shopping arcade.

Check out the video for ‘Through The Motions’ below:


Speaking about the track in an Instagram post, Komang said: “I wrote and produced ‘Through The Motions’ in lockdown when I was taking lots of long walks along Merri Creek, not necessarily to enjoy the environment but more to escape my feelings and dissociate from the world.

“When I wrote ‘Through The Motions’, it came out quick, almost like I needed some sort of reminder to come back into focus, to actually be present with the trees and water and flowers around me.”

Komang went on to describe her experience filming the music video, which came “almost two years later” after the song was completed. “I remembered how stale and removed I feel in malls; these heavily manufactured, commercial spaces,” she said.

“The more Te danced around the mall, the more she felt like an inner child trying to break through the stillness, or like water trying to break back into flow.

“‘Through The Motions’ is a reminder to let the world get back into focus. Hope you all enjoy this track as not only a fun and kinda gloomy bop, but also as a prompt to find beauty when things feel grey.”


The single is another taste of Komang’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Mythologies’, which is due out on November 30. She’s released two other cuts off the project so far, sharing ‘Dewi’ in 2020 and ‘Flex’ in 2021, the latter of which appeared on the soundtrack for Netflix’s recent Heartbreak High reboot.